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Gayatri's choreography and presentations with her students have received much critical acclaim.

"Students of Shrutilaya school of dance collaborated with dancers from Mudrika Ensemble. Swati Tirunal’s Sanskrit composition “Bhavayami” set to ragamalika by doyen of Carnatic music Semmangudi Srinivasan Iyer is used to unfold the story of Ramayana. Divided into six segments the well known episodes followed in quick succession, using the imaginative device of narrating story through a group of dancers like a chorus, at times the young dancers narrating the story giving them a challenge to communicate and gain experience, bringing in various emotions, including hasya, in particular during Chapa bhangam, lifting the bow by various vain glorious kings, using appropriate songs like “Thumaki chalat Ramachandra” when Rama grows up, Sita Kalyanam, Rama Kalyanam for marriage song, offering of arati, mukabhinaya, mime without using spoken words when Manthara instigates Kaikeyi to ask Dasharatha for two boons he had promised her, to banish Rama for fourteen years to forest and crown Bharata as the king, the sequence of Guha crossing the river with Rama, Lakshmana and Sita in a boat, setubandha (building of bridge), Hanuman’s flight to Lanka, Sita’s abduction, Jatayu’s fight with Ravana and the fight between Rama and Ravana, finale with Pattabhishekam, had flashes of imagination in choreographing the dance drama". - Sunil Kothari