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Dance & I

Choreographic Work:

Gayatri Sriram has collaborated with Guru Minal Prabhu in creating solo works like:

Panchakanya -
The tale of the trials and tribulations of five remarkable Indian women; Ahilya , Sita , Draupadi , Tara and Mandodari.

Sita Swagatham - An insight into Sita’s story from her perspective in a non -chronological order which spans the Ramayana as seen from Sita’s eyes.

Yagyaseni - A story of Queen Draupadi, narrated as a tale of conversations between Lord Krishna and her which shows her as a woman born of the fire who has many mysteries that shroud her. In collaboration with writer / diplomat, Shri Pavan Varma, who kindly lent his English Sonnets to the production from the book “Yudhistar and Draupadi.”

Dwitiyam - A close look into examining dualities in life; beauty and ugliness; love and hate; light and dark; man and woman in a Margam format.

Trikon, The War Within - Choreographed by Smt Minal Prabhu and Garatri Sriram. A fusion of English Theatre and Bharatanatyam , staged in Singapore with a cast of 60 members both from India and Singapore. Based on the Mahabharata, Trikon is an in-depth analysis into the characters of the three female protagonists, Kunti, Draupadi and Gandhari based on the principles of Rajas, Tamas and Sattwa.

Moods of Shiva - A study of Lord Shiva both as a Man and as God in a Margam format.

Bhavishwa - A production choreographed on the trinity - Brahma, Vishnu and Vishwanatha.

Krishna - A production that portrays Lord Krishna in his Navarasas.

Gita Govindam - a wonderful margam of Ashtapadis as a tribute to the great Jayadeva.

Once upon a time in Ayodhya: Dance drama with 55 children,

Krishna Leela
: Dance drama with 90 children.

Rama Katha: Dance drama by Shruti Laya students in collaboration with students of the Mudrika Foundation, first premiered as part of the “Ramayana Revisited “exhibition of performances held at the Asian Civilisations Museum. It was also performed at the Samarpana Festival 2012.

Tango Project: Invited by The Republic Polytechnic of Singapore as one of five leading choreographers to present a perspective of the Tango in Bharatanatyam.